Museum Inauguration

The Musicalia Museum was inaugurated on May 4, 2013. Following the visit of the exhibition halls, the authorities took action. Particularly welcome was the participation of the art critic Philippe Daverio, an expert in mechanical music.

Villa Silvia

The Villa, an eighteenth-century mansion that housed illustrious intellectuals in Romagna – including the poet Carducci – is now home to the Musical Instrument Musical Museum. Immersed in the greenery is surrounded by the evocative “Literary Garden”: the setting for an unforgettable visit.

Longiano Festival

The Ancient Organetto International Festival transforms every two years the historic center of Longiano into a large outdoor theater. The protagonist is music, which carries visitors into a unique journey between the nineteenth-century atmosphere.

Altrenote Festival

Each year in Lecco is held the Festival “AltreNote”. Old music rejoices the square thanks to the presence of numerous folk groups: we have also participated! Look at the gallery.

Postcards from the world

A unique collection, guarded at the Musical Museum. A collection of postcards that the Founder of the Museum has been looking for. Today they represent a precious collection of images from various parts of the world.